November 2, 2013

A Turtle, A Pumpkin, And a Superhero!

So can you guess who's who??? ;-) 

We had a good time on Halloween. Hubby took Cubbie and Sprout out trick or treating while I kept Peanut in a Baby Born and gave out candy. It was pretty chilly here, and even started drizzling, but the boys were troopers and managed to get plenty of candy! Hubby tried to come home and make coffee with Kahlua for the neighbors, but we were all out. LOL!


  1. Awe! Your boys are way too cute in their costumes!!

  2. Good times and great memories. The other adult who went trick or treating with us this year commented that it is so much more fun to take them when they are little. And that's true, but they still love the memories they look back on even when they are big.

    You want to know a funny coincidence. I've just read four different blog posts with a list for a title and my current one does too!

  3. Man, sorry I've been so not in the blog world. Had a minute to catch up tonight. SO cute! I can't believe your littlest is 6 months already!!!!

  4. Hi! I saw an old comment of yours on my blog and I wondered how you were doing! I've been absent like Jenney for a long time... but jumping back in :) just wanted to say hi and tell you your kiddos are adorable!

  5. Beautiful family. Happy and healthy 2014.


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