October 14, 2013

Six Months (Where Did the Time Go?!?)

Guess who's finally sleeping in the crib?!? Yes, that would be my little peanut! It only took SIX months! No joke! Man do I sleep better without this little guy tossing and turning next to me! :-)

Sprout and Cubbie are so proud to be big brothers. They just love their baby brother!

And yes, someone has found his toes!

Here I caught all three of them playing cars together. So cute! 

I can't believe Peanut is six months already! Where did the time go! Life is sure busy with three little kids, two of which are in school full time now. Cubbie started all day, every day Kindergarten this year. Sprout is in 2nd grade and loving Spanish Immersion. DH is working afternoons as an RN now and I'm working days, so life is hectic! Hence why all of these photos are not the best quality because they are all iPhone photos. It's amazing how seldom I actually pull out my DSLR anymore! Does that happen to you too?


  1. HUBBY IS AN RN?????? That's awesome!!!!!

  2. And your boys are so big! Those chubby cheeks, I want to smooch them. :-)

  3. All your boys are so cute! What a blessing!

  4. I remember how topsy turvy things were once upon a while ago and it is a beautiful thing to see life so lovely for you now!

  5. six months?!! wow, time flies! guess who has a bun in the oven? :)


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